RESINIT AB offers precision machined components and assembled products made of polymeric materials and thermosettings. Over the decades, Resinit’s processes and knowledge have been developed to meet the high demand for flexibility, quality and delivery on time. We are specialised in polymer materials that are a challenge to machine and assembly of products in different environment.

Resinit actively follows the development of new materials and manufacturing methods, where the company continuously invests in the business and in the competence of employees´. Resinit’s goal is long-term collaboration with customers to develop and contribute to solutions that are sustainable, competitive and create added value.

Resinit AB is part of the listed XANO Industri AB, Precision Technology business unit.


Resinit AB has one fundamental requirement: satisfied customers for good profitability, which provides us with stability and resources for development.

Operations at Resinit AB shall produce as little impact as possible on the external and internal environment as well as promoting sustainable development.

Based on current legislation as a minimum, in tandem with company policy, Resinit AB shall work with continuous quality and environmental development in order to care for our customers and the environment, and we shall select suppliers that comply with our own goals.

Resinit AB shall maintain a quality and environment management system designed to fulfill all requirements in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. All personnel at the company shall be involved in quality and environmental activities and shall work towards set targets.

Resinit AB shall offer all its employees the opportunity of personal development through goal-oriented appraisal tasks and the choice of participating in internal and external training.