Project management and preparation

Project management

We call major undertakings projects. We help customers with projects in the role of active consultants. This may cover all issues within our area of competence. We can assist in the choice of plastic materials, design and advice to provide a financially optimal process for the customer. Other issues may include environmental and regulatory requirements in different areas and markets. Medical technology is one area in which we have the answers to many crucial issues regarding plastics.

Thanks to our affiliated companies in the Xano group and our wide network of suppliers, you will gain access to our extensive networks in other areas through our shared project work.


We carry out all our production preparations with our qualified coordinators, who work in our production department. There is one coordinator for each group in turning, milling, assembly and quality control. More complex products are handled by several coordinators.

We work with MasterCam CAD/CAM, meaning that as well as dimension diagrams we have a 3D solid. We are able to handle most file formats such as .stp, .prt, .x_t and .sldprt.

During the preparation process, we wish to have a contact at the client company so that we can manage any technical issues efficiently. This is to get things right from the beginning and solve any problems before offers and start of production.

Materials science

There is an extensive range of plastic materials. Main groups include: thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and polyurethanes.

It is important that central issues are solved first. Mechanical, thermal, chemical or insulating requirements often govern the choice of materials. The financial aspect may also influence materials used. Prices of materials range from tens to thousands of kronor per kilogram.

The trend is towards more advanced material designs which are more versatile. Competent materials suppliers are needed to make this possible. We work with major suppliers and have access to their materials experts. It is not unusual that we use these experts directly at client companies.