Examples of applications within the business area:

  • X-ray equipment
  • MRI (cameras)
  • Inplants and implants
  • Chromatography equipment for the production of, among other:
    • medicines
    • vaccines
    • insulin
  • Technical healthcare equipment
  • Prostheses and aids
  • Dental and pharmaceutical applications

Extreme Specifications

Most articles have extreme specifications and requirements for quality assurance, cleanliness, documentation and traceability.

  • Clean room ISO class 8
    • Measurement and monitoring of particle contamination
    • Measurement and monitoring of microbiological contamination

Resinit’s manufacturing processes are metal and animal free to prevent contamination and comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

FDA, ISO 10993-5, USP VI and <88>, Change Control, CoC, traceability according to SS EN 10204

* Certification for standard ISO 13485 in 2021 is in progress.